Seeing victories in a season with few wins

Although our softball team didn’t have a great season when it comes to winning games, we always had an amazing time.
This season wasn’t about winning but about helping each other and understanding that we had to be patient with our new teammates.
Our record for the season is 6-15. We lost to Skyline, Oakland High, and Oakland Tech three times, and we forfeited Oakland High one time.
The games we won were against Castlemont and McClymonds, but McClymonds had to forfeit because they didn’t have a team.
We’ve been on the team for three years now, and we know how hard it is in the beginning and to make it where we are now at this point.
Nothing comes easy, but practice always makes you better. We learned something this year and that was to help others instead of always worrying about yourself and trying to be the best.
This year was also hard because our coaches couldn’t be there for us the way they were the past two years.
Coach Joanna Brownson and Coach Georgia Toland were the ones who taught us how to stick together and to be a family, even if it wasn’t always softball related.
We just want to give a big shout out to our two seniors Jessica Lindemulder and Loata Fine for being examples to the team, always motivating us, and keeping our heads in the game.
We also came up with 10 great things that happened during the season:
1. We blew out Castlemont 21-4 on April 28.
2. Loata Fine pitched for the first time.
3. Nelis Munguia and Fine hit grand slams.
4. Anastasia Tieng made her first double play.
5. All the girls tried new positions.
6. Bunthana Phun played back catcher for the first time.
7. We were all great hitters. (Our journalism teacher asked us to provide stats to prove that. We don’t have to. We just know we were.)
8. We had an amazing inning one game, got three outs and let no runners score.
9. All the new players handled their positions well for being first timers.
10. Seniors gave underclassmen a pep talk to motivate them at senior night on May 5.
This season has been a rollercoaster, but we always maintained a positive mindset. We’re sad to say the 2014-2015 softball season has ended, but there’s always next year.
Speaking of that, please think of joining us next year.
Softball is really exciting and fun. It’s a great way for you to come out your comfort zone and try something new. All the girls on the team are kind and open to new people.
If you want to join softball next year, please contact any of the returning players or Bree Rombi in room 1111. Practice will start in early March.