Jasmin Naranjo, Assistant News Editor

Jasmin Naranjo is a junior in Fremont High School. Naranjo likes to learn new things in her own time. When she was in third grade, she learned how to spell her name in sign language from reading the last page of the dictionary, and from there on she knew she loved to learn new languages — not just to communicate with people with another language, but to help people who do not know that language. She wants to graduate high school, go to college and become an interpreter. Naranjo would prefer to work in courts, where she knows a lot of people are sometimes discriminated against and are not informed of their rights because they do not know a certain language. In middle school, Naranjo was in leadership class, where she learned skills that include: public speaking, communicating, writing and teamwork skills. In leadership class, she also got the opportunity to learn some karate and some more sign language. Naranjo’s favorite subject in school is English because she loves to read and write. She hopes to not just get a good grade in Journalism class, but to learn new skills. Her inspiration is her parents, her younger brother, her older sister and her daughter.