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G’Yanni Smith
G’yanni Smith is an 11th grader at Fremont High School in Oakland, California.

Smith will be blogging this semester about the unfairness of education. The reason Smith chose this topic is because he is upset about changes that have taken place at Fremont High this year.

He enjoys playing football and chilling with his family. One of his other interests is going to a big time university in Portland, Oregon

When Smith finishes high school, he would like to go to college so he can get his degree in engineering. Eventually, his dream is to play football for the Oregon Ducks and to become one of the highest draft picks in 2020.

Smith said that a quote from Tupac motivates him. That quote is: “Dying inside but outside looking fearless,”

“I chose that quote because I’m going through a lot on the inside, and on the outside I don’t show my fear to anyone,” said Smith.

G'Yanni Smith, Staff Blogger

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G’Yanni Smith