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Thumbs up to new schedule

Thumbs up to new schedule

November 20, 2014

Wednesday classes may end at 1:07 p.m. next year

Brittany Speck & Arnice St.Remy

June 12, 2013

Next year, students may get what they have been asking for all this year — a new bell schedule that includes a much earlier release on Wednesdays. Students could possibly get out as early as 1:07 p.m. on Wednesdays if teachers...

Fremont High gets progress report

October 11, 2012

Six weeks into the redesigned Fremont High School, the Green & Gold has decided to turn the tables on the adults. Instead of students receiving grades, we are grading them on how the school is doing so far. Bell Schedul...

New bell schedule prompts negative student reaction

Diego Garcia

June 14, 2012

Teachers approved major changes to the bell schedule by a margin of more than two to one, angering many students. In a vote that took place a week after the Green & Gold published the proposed bell schedule, 23 of 34 teachers,...

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