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Enrollment up by 100; classes go over limits for start of school year

Stephanie Valencia and Yacsiry Hernandez, Writers

November 20, 2014

Fremont High started the year with overflowing classrooms, causing a lot of chaos for teachers and students. There are more than 100 students more than what the school district funded Fremont for this year. The increase of enro...

Fremont finally hits the target on enrollment

Ruliver Santos & Alejandro Vasquez

October 31, 2011

On the 20th day of school, Principal Daniel Hurst breathed a sigh of relief. Enrollment on Sept. 26 was the figure the state would us to calculate how much funding each school got. On the 20th day, the three schools at Fremont...

Superintendent hints enrollment drop could

Shima Kaid

October 25, 2010

Tony Smith, the superintendent of the Oakland Unified School District, continues to say that the district needs to close 20 or more schools to save money. With their dropping enrollment rates, could the schools at Fremont Federation...

Media Academy must cut $250,000

Juan Grimaldo & Christian Olivares

September 19, 2009

Media College Preparatory High School is about 50 students under-enrolled and that may mean serious changes to the school. “It could get ugly before it’s over,” said Media Academy Director Michael Jackson. “There isn...

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