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Media students start electives this week

Yuliana Mujica

March 21, 2012

Blood and Guts- War On Film, Glee Club and Paint a Mural. These are three of 12 electives students at Media Academy will take starting this week. For the last four years, Media students have been able to pick one class they ca...

Media drops Spanish from freshman schedule

Pearl Joy Balagot & Tiffany Sanders

January 6, 2012

To save teacher jobs, Media Academy freshmen are not taking Spanish classes this year. School officials decided freshmen should take two media classes instead. That’s the explanation Media Academy director Michael Jackson gave...

Students enjoy atmosphere in cross stitch elective (a review)

March 24, 2011

My elective is cross stitching with Spanish teacher Felicidad Guirao. This elective teaches us how to be creative and stitch our names with a needle and thread. This elective is fun because we get to create our names and...

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