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Tardy sweep rules modified

Jose Rodriguez

February 23, 2012

Instead of being swept out the front gate, students roaming campus without a pass are now being swept to class. This is a change from a tardy policy that started in October. On random days, staff members go from one end...

Media drops Spanish from freshman schedule

Pearl Joy Balagot & Tiffany Sanders

January 6, 2012

To save teacher jobs, Media Academy freshmen are not taking Spanish classes this year. School officials decided freshmen should take two media classes instead. That’s the explanation Media Academy director Michael Jackson gave...

Weed users referred to school version of rehab

Aaliyah Kerr & Devonyei Frazier

October 30, 2011

Instead of ignoring a student who comes to school smelling like weed, Fremont Federation of High Schools is now making stronger efforts to get that student help if it turns out he or she actually is using marijuana. Fremont...

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