Schmookler says he will not be principal of combined school

Benjamin Schmookler told students that he will not be the principal when the three schools of Fremont Federation become one big school.

He told Media Studies reporters on Feb. 16 that when Fremont Federation of High Schools becomes one big school, he will not be the principal, but he will still be here.

The press asked many questions like, “Are you going to be the assistant principal?” “Are you going to be a teacher,” and “Are you going to be the head of security?” The answer he gave students to all questions was “no.”

He left all of the press wondering how would he still be working here if he was not going to be one of those things.

 Henry Jean-Phillipe was one of the students who was wondering why  Schmookler didn’t give the reporters a straight answer.

“I think Mr. Schmookler wants it to be a surprise,” Jean-Philippe said.

Arnice St. Remy went to the office on Feb. 18 to ask Schmookler a follow-up question to figure out what role he would have at the new school.

“They haven’t figured that out,” he told her.