Anti-Bullying PSA

I chose to write & direct the P.S.A. “Who’s the Victim?” and include dramatic scenes of violence and the use of profanity. I believe that a simple Stop Bullying P.S.A. wouldn’t really reach out to people. I wanted to use violence in our P.S.A. because normally people, in this case students, won’t expect violence to occur both ways in a bullying scenario. I along with my fellow acquaintances, argued that profanity should be allowed in a bullying P.S.A. because bullying isn’t something that happens without profanity, most of the time it’s verbal abuse that hurts the victim more than physical abuse.

I believe that our P.S.A. is not only put together well enough to scare people but I also believe that our P.S.A. has power in itself to actually speak to people in ways that others might not, it shows how the victim isn’t always silent in ways others wouldn’t think, it also shows, how the victim isn’t the only one that can be bullied.
In all we made this P.S.A in an attempt to scare the audience into not bullying and to inform people that violence can happen anywhere.

– Geossepe Ramirez