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Paris x Murdock

On Thursday, October 17th Musical duo Paris and Murdock who both hail from Oakland, California returned to Murdock’s old stomping grounds to perform songs from their Mixtape “Mixed Emotions.” The rapper and crooner are signed to Motown records and are bringing something new to the industry.

Check out the short highlight video that Media Academy Senior Pelesauma Faletagaloa produced to capture the vibe.

Teen Depression

Teen depression is a serious mental health problem that can cause an ongoing feeling of sadness. Depression affects how you think, feel and behave/ For some teens, the lows are more than just temporary feelings they’re a symptom of depression.


Change Your Lens

There are huge racial disparities in how the US police use force. Black people are much more likely to be shot by police than their white peers.

For more information visit https://mappingpoliceviolence.org

Produced by Esthefania Calderon, Ever Duran, Eric Li and Joel Raymundo

Food Deserts

West and East Oakland, two communities plagued by both fast food restaurants and liquor stores has taken its toll on low-income families of colors which can lead to long term health problems or even death.

Produced by Jordan Phal

Nightmare on 47th Street

Dreams Don’t Come True, They Are True.
Produced by the Media Academy.
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
Canon 60d


What Happened to Juanita?


After moving to Oakland for a fresh start, Jacob discovers that detention in Room A3 can have deadly consequences. Produced by the Media Academy of Fremont High School.

 New Web Series “Room A3”

Video production students are currently in production on a new web series where a new study hall program is filled with strange kids located in a weird building with ghosts lurking around every corner and that one new kid who just may be possessed. Web series produced by the Video Production Class of Fremont High School. Stay tuned for the premiere of episode one on March 1st.

Meet Jacob from “Room A3”

Meet Lester from “Room A3”


Anti-Bullying PSA

I chose to write & direct the P.S.A. “Who’s the Victim?” and include dramatic scenes of violence and the use of profanity. I believe that a simple Stop Bullying P.S.A. wouldn’t really reach out to people. I wanted to use violence in our P.S.A. because normally people, in this case students, won’t expect violence to occur both ways in a bullying scenario. I along with my fellow acquaintances, argued that profanity should be allowed in a bullying P.S.A. because bullying isn’t something that happens without profanity, most of the time it’s verbal abuse that hurts the victim more than physical abuse.

I believe that our P.S.A. is not only put together well enough to scare people but I also believe that our P.S.A. has power in itself to actually speak to people in ways that others might not, it shows how the victim isn’t always silent in ways others wouldn’t think, it also shows, how the victim isn’t the only one that can be bullied.
In all, we made this P.S.A in an attempt to scare the audience into not bullying and to inform people that violence can happen anywhere.

– Geossepe Ramirez

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