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Who at fault for Failure in Jumping Fence

On any given day you can see Fremont High students running toward the fence in full speed running and jumping the fence between the portables and west side of the building. The fence along Foothill Boulevard is 9 ½ feet high.

Fence jumping is a long standing practice that raises questions of safety and liability.
On a recent day six people jump the fence over two periods.

Fremont High has six security officers to watch over 700 students. Even if an officer regular patrols the gate between the video production classroom and the P portables, there will be times when the officer still has to leave that area to take care of other issues or for breaks.

Ana Vasquez,Vice Principal, stated that the school was only assigned six officers based on the school enrollment ratio. One of those officers, Elisha Butler, feels strongly about this topic. He thinks that if a student falls off that gate then the school will be responsible because there should be no area that easy to jump over.

“The teachers can help by calling the student to come back or just letting them know that he/she sees them,” said Butler. “Just calling us give us no time to get there in a timely manner.”

Butler said he would like teachers who see students jumping the fence to let the student know they have seen them because there are not enough security officers to always stop the students.

Junior Christopher Blan

don said he feels that students skip classes because they do not want their parents to find out that they skip the whole school day.

“No one listens,” Blandon said. “They (have) been (telling) us to stop hopping the gate for years.”

Butler said there should be a punishment for students caught jumping the fence, including picking up trash, attending Saturday school or having their parents come to school.

A high school in Monrovia fines students who are caught jumping the fence $135.

That sort of fine should not be the first step, said Butler. He said there should first be a discussion between the school, student and the parent or guardian.

“Before sending the bill you should make them come up here and talk to administration,” said Butler. “We need more support from home.”

Vasquez feels differently about this topic. She feels that students should obey the rules of the close Fremont High campus.

If someone gets hurt she feels its the student fault, but the school will help them at the Tiger clinic. They is still at fault for breaking the rules, but that does not mean they cannot get help from the school.

She stated that if they wanted to leave they could come to the office and call their parents for permission to leave campus.

The school do call parents if the student is caught or spotted by a teacher. Teacher have named people and taken pictures of students jumping the fence. The school is working together from different angles on this issue stated Vasquez.

This mean that there is no reason why everyone should not know what is going on with that student. If Fremont is taking the time to send a letter stating a parent needs to come to the school then there should be no surprises if a bill comes to the house next.

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Who at fault for Failure in Jumping Fence